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1. Acting on and or relaying information in OOC is known as metagaming to which is not allowed. (OOC=Out of Character/Context)
2. Prop-abusing and or Prop Spam is NOT allowed Furthermore, Do NOT force collide props together, this will and can be considered crashing the server. Which will be taken seriously.
3. Roleplay information must be relayed in /advert chat!
5. Do NOT block off public areas, roads, streets, etc.
6. Harassment/threats will not be tolerated under any circumstance. (We allow Freedom of Speech as long as it does not violate the rule above)
7. Any sort of hacking/cheating the game isn't allowed
8. Advertising other communities or forums is not allowed
9. Threatening to attack the server and or community even in a joking manner can and will result in a permanent ban!
10.  <REMOVED>
11. The abuse of bugs/exploits/work-arounds will not be tolerated.
12. Do NOT Random Demote. This is when you demote someone without good reason.You only need to demote when a staff member is not available to help you and when a person has violated the rules in any way.
13. Do NOT impersonate an admin or any player, change your name. This includes RP names.
14. Do NOT evade from punishment.
15.  16. Do NOT expect an admin to take any action for any situation without substantial proof!
17. Do NOT carry rules on other server to this one.
18. Do NOT try and find loop holes in the rules
19. The PD lobby is PUBLIC!!! It CANNOT be KOS or AOS. The front door should not be locked.
20. Do Not Micspam unless you are a DJ.
21. No power gaming. (forcing actions upon players that are unreasonable.)

General RP Rules:

1. You MUST Advert Raids, Carjacks, and Mugs!
2. You MUST have your binds SEPERATE! For example anything like this is prohibited "Carjack | Mug | Kidnap Gagged (cant talk or failrp) | Raid | Counter | Assist |Pd/bank raid"
3. You must play by the NLR (New Life Rule 3 min). - On new life rule you do not recall anything before your death. Wait 3 minutes before returning to where you died no matter the situation.
This excludes dying for non-RP reasons such as accidentally killing yourself with a prop.
4. Do not "Friend Claim", this is the act of killing anyone who kills someone else just because you claim to be "friends". To be valid 'friends' you must have some RP relation to that character while being in a party together. (E.G. Basing with him, in his gang, or his body guard.)
5. Do NOT FailRP. This is the act of failing to role play a job properly within the scope of the rules. If you are in a specific job requiring you to carry out specific duties and you are failing to carry out those duties, you will be demoted. (Ex: Mayor basing with gangsters, etc.)
6. Do NOT scam anyone. (Ex: pretend to sell items or services, then take the money without providing those items or services.)
7. Do NOT hitbox. This is the act of being able to shoot someone without them being able to shoot you back.
8. Do NOT build in Public (Exception being Hobo's which can build anywhere but not blocking the streets)
9.You cannot have printers while you have a building sign up. Admins are allowed to remove them before warning (Any kind of GunDealer may have shipments while building of it contributes to the building process.

Default Laws
These are laws that are active when no mayor is present in RP.
1. Drugs are illegal.
2. You must have a gun license to use weapons larger than a pistol. You can still buy the weapons though (This law is not active when there are no CP or Mayor)
3. It is against the law to be a corrupt cop, President, etc.
4. It is against the law to trespass on another's property.
5. It is against the law to murder someone
6. It is against the law to have a weapon drawn in public unless if you have a gun license or if you're a cop. Security guards can draw a weapon inside their guarding area.
7. It is against the law to cause a public disturbance. Multiple complaints are needed. Something such as continuous knocking on a door, shouting, mic spam, etc.
8. It is against the law to have money printers in possession no matter what job title you are.
9. It is against the law to place money printers that are on fire in someones property.
10. It is against the law to steal/damage other players goods such as guns.
11. It is against the law to raid.
IMPORTANT:Any laws broken should result in an arrest NOT DEATH unless if the officer is shot at.

Assault, Shooting, and Killing Related Rules
1. Do NOT RDM (Random Deathmatch), this means killing someone for no legitimate reason.
2. You can kill someone in your base if they are trespassing.
4. Do NOT make prop killing devices.
5. You can kill in a raid, even if the person(s) you are raiding doesn't have a gun.
6. Please wait roughly 10 minutes in between hits on the same player.
7. The max for mugging is 500.
8. When mugging, you must give the player time to drop money. Five Seconds is the smallest amount of time allowed. (always include this in your mug advert)
9. If you are a criminal job and you try to mug someone and they do not comply, you can kill them.
10. Hitmen may NOT ask for a hit on a specific person.
11. Do NOT place a hit on someone consecutively over a short period of time.
12. Players CANNOT be raided if they are building. (Must have building sign)

1. If someone steals your car you are allowed to get it back.
2. If someone is on your car you may shoot them after giving them a warning
3. Do not block public places or bases with cars. Do not attempt to drive cars inside buildings not made for cars.
4. Do not randomly shoot cars it will be counted as rdm.

Prop Rules:

1. Do not spawn props in building you don't own.
2. Do not prop spam or minge, if someone asks you to stop what you are doing with a certain prop then stop; especially if it's an admin asking.
3. Do not prop climb/surf.
4. One entrance must be unblocked/able to get through. Blocking all entrances will get your props deleted.
5. Do not block public areas or major paths. You must have a minimum of 5 people to block off a small traffic part of the map.
6. Do not tamper with other players creations/property. This includes pocketing their props.
7. Do not remove other peoples props or anything they created without permission. Even if you're on their buddy list.
8. No floating props allowed. This includes floating bases.
9. No invisible props, transparent colored props are okay.

Building/Basing Rules:
1. All keypads/buttons that are connected to a door must be within a reasonably close distance to the door and visible.
2. You may only have THREE fading doors for the entrance of your base. You are allowed more fading doors for other things such as covering printers.
3. There must be AT LEAST one entrance to your shop/base. Any others you are allowed to block off with it not being considered propblock.
4. An entrance needs to be clearly indicated.
5. Do not make an entrance that requires crouching.
6. Cannot have invisible props or entities. Every part of your base must be visible.
7. Your keypad granted length must be set so you have enough time to be able to get inside. (Minimum 5 seconds)
8. You cannot put keypads or buttons far away from your entrance, or make them hidden. They must be clearly visible near your door.
9. There must be a keypad or button linked to your fading door allowing players to enter and leave.
10. You can have a maximum of one keypad or one button (each way) per fading door.
11. Using the color/material tool to create invisible or barely visible props/buttons/cameras etc. is not allowed.
12. Using fake keypads, buttons or a fall hatch/trap is NOT allowed.
13. The official owner of a house is the player who owns the front door.
14. Do not buy random houses and doors that you aren't going to use.
15. KOS lines/zones are allowed.
16. Kill-box abuse is not allowed. Example: Creating a base that allows you to shoot any raider but the raider cannot shoot you back.
17. Fading door abuse is not allowed. Opening a fading door using the bound key is considered fading door abuse - (Use your keypad/button!)
19. Loitering signs are NOT allowed
20. You may not build on the sidewalk (excluding hobo) or the streets (everyone) it is Governments property!
21. You may have a base with one way fences or any prop that you can shoot through in that matter that is only visible on one side.

Raiding/Mugging Rules:

1. You MUST Advert Raids and Mugs!
2. Do not solo raid. You must raid with at least one partner. Thieves, Walter White, and Custom Classes are excluded from this rule.
Do not minge raid - Raiding a base you know has absolutely nothing in it or raiding an unowned base just to shoot people.
The police can raid to confiscate printers, drugs and weapons but only with a valid warrant. They cannot steal legal items - Health, armor and money.
After being raided, you must wait 3 minutes before returning to your home (NLR)
You must wait 5 minutes after raiding, and 20 minutes before raiding the same person again.
Do not raid the SecurityHQ unless there are atleast THREE Security Online.
You may not interfere a raid after you've been killed during it.
You cannot block or knockdown cameras to blind defenders
The max mug is $500. The max ransom is $10,000, but $20,000 for the mayor.
You may not mug more than two people in a 5 minute span of time.
You cannot mug civil protection officers or hobo's
You may not raid the same place for over 15 minutes.
If you just finished mugging somebody, please wait 15 minutes until you mug the same person again.

Counter-Raiding -
- You may only counter raid if you have some sort of RP relation.
with the person that would give you reason to protect their base. (Eg. of RP relation: You are basing with them or are in the same faction.)
- You may not just counter raid because you see someone raiding.
- Custom jobs CANNOT Counter anything.

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