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Author Topic: Staff Application  (Read 28 times)

Commander Shep

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Staff Application
« on: February 14, 2015, 11:59:59 am »
how many days have you been on the server? about 7 or 8

do you know any of th estaff well? well ive met dilly, and assasin, and ohm but i really havent talked to them as friends.

if you open up the console to see:
OHM KILLER (STEAM_O:O88699242) Spawned a models/props_c17/concrete_barrier001a.mdl
OHM KILLER (STEAM_O:O88699242) Spawned a models/props_c17/concrete_barrier001a.mdl
OHM KILLER (STEAM_O:O88699242) Spawned a models/props_c17/concrete_barrier001a.mdl
OHM KILLER (STEAM_O:O88699242) Spawned a models/props_c17/concrete_barrier001a.mdl
your prop is ghosted for antispam, interact with it to unghost it
OHM KILLER (STEAM_O:O88699242) Spawned a models/props_c17/concrete_barrier001a.mdl
OHM KILLER (STEAM_O:O88699242) Spawned a models/props_c17/concrete_barrier001a.mdl

All down the console, what would you do? i would teleport using /teleport to them and see whats their up to, and if it looks like a problem, i would ban them for prop spamming

If someone is cursing you or another staff out, disrespecting them, what do you do? i would talk to the m to ask whats going on. and then i would warn them for disrespecting an admin and if they keep on i would ban them for about 20 or 30 miniutes and if they join back and do it again i would permenant ban.

If someone comes on the server and kills 5+ people in spawn/trolling what do you do? i would permenant ban for mass rdm'ing. but if their new id warn them.

if you see a cop with a money printer (using it) what do you warn them for? id warn the for failure to rp correctly and if it happens again, demotion

If you are going around checking building for propblock and etc. and you see that they are hiding printers inside a couch with no collide what do you do? id ask if they knew you cant do that. and tell them to fix it and if they say no warn them for failure to comply with staff. and if it happens again id ban for prop abuse

What is the punishment for self supply?
it is a warning, and/or demotion

what does FDA mean? fading door abuse.. meaning no ky pads or more than 4 fading doors in a base

if you see a fellow staff abusing who do you go to, or do you handle it yourself? id report to dilly, mlg, or ohm

why should we take you in as staff on apex RP?
i love to help people, and i love to play on this server meaning id be on alot. and im friendly with people unless they are disrespectful.. and im usually on all day on the weekends and for 2 or 3 hours on week days. and most of the people who have met me like me. and i dont talk back to staff AT ALL. and id do my absolute best to keep the server as realistic as possible. without running around yellling at everyone.

What do (NRL) and (RDM) and (RDA) stand for and mean?
NRL means new life ruleafter dieing you forget your memory and you cant return to where you died for 3-6 minutes.
RDM means random death match killing people for no reason and not adverting.
RDA means random arrests, when you go around arresting people with no explanation

Do you have any past experience as staff (dont lie): not on garrys mod. but i used to host mod menus on call of duty on 360 and ps3 and used to cohost an bo2.. so i know how to handle people. and im very excited to become staff on here!

Write true or false for the correct statements

I dont have to ask to tp to higher staff? false

I am always right? false

One rdm is a ban? false

Warns are for less serious punishments? true

Three warns gets you kicked? true

Can you Come to dilly and OHM, if you need any help at all? true

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